Become the biggest badass you know.


Become the biggest badass you know.

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This group is for the Badass Woman, who knows she has more life, attitude and fierceness within her. A Badass Woman does not hold back! She is open, honest, and sincerely only speaks to lift up, level up and help herself and those around her. A Badass Woman owns the moment, is strong in mind and knows that boundaries are only speed bumps.

Unleash Your Badass

In the Guided Study of the book, You Are A Badass, Sara helps you to dig deep into the riches of the pages that were written to revolutionize one's life. Sara will take you through all five parts of the book. This includes a video message from Sara and multiple questions and exercises to help you gain more from this book then just simply reading it.

30 Day Time Challenge

The energy, time, and life that you so desire is fueled by your time management strategies. When you have control over your time, your life becomes yours and you begin to live again. This 30-Day Time Management Challenge will help you do all this and more.


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