All About Sara

“Dream it, then jump and do it! Dreams don’t come true on their own. Even Cinderella had to ‘do something’… she went to the ball!”– Sara L. Clarke

Informal intro:

I have been an entrepreneur for 22 years, I own 3 companies, I am a wife of 18.5 years (hubby & I started dating when I was 15 – he was the boy next door) and a mom to 4 boys, ages 9 to 17.

I am all about time, profitability and mindset. I once was a hermit who was $3 from bankruptcy. The finances started to change in 2007 when we realized that we were the ones in control of our lives, choices, but basically that we were the ones manifesting everything in our lives, good and bad. 2015 we moved into our million dollar dream home, manifesting the people, places and things we want and need in our lives. We don’t look back… only to share our story. <<< anyone can do all of this, including you!

In 2012 I discovered my inner superhero as I, the hermit, stood on a stage at a conference to teach how to start a business. Ever since then I have allowed my superpowers to take over, and my alter ego (who is actually my truest form of self) to live on the outside. I am an extreme extrovert who loves to listen, help, cheerlead and stretch humans who truly want to live their dreams. I am a butt-kicker who empowers people to push through the stop and keep going. I am also a lover of the stage, which feels more like home and anywhere else (except my family).

I believe that everyone has a superhero within them. I believe the superpowers you have within you are there to help you to create a life that you would truly love to live. I believe that we all need mentors to help us refine these powers, learn to use them and allow them to shine throughout our daily lives.

(Let’s nerd out on you for just a moment… I am a wee bit obsessed with the whole superhero thing and am a sucker for all movies and shows superhero related. Fact: I have listened (because I have it on while doing other things) to all 5 seasons about 15 times).

Formal Introduction: 

Sara Clarke is a Time & Profitabilty Strategist. She is a force for motivation. Her purpose is to empower women around the world, to create a life they truly love. Sara’s driving force is the hurt she holds in her heart for those who are not living in their full potential.

Sara speaks throughout North America sharing inspiration of living an epic life, to women, entrepreneurs and those who are hurting. You can find her sharing wisdom about creating a life where you choose to Live Beyond Satisfied™, through topics such as mindset, money, goal setting, time management, business development, personal development.

Sara is also a multiple business owner, author and columnist. At the age of 17 Sara discovered the entrepreneurial lifestyle as she found herself ‘unemployable’, meaning that she was born to be her own boss. She also holds 3 diplomas and is a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide.

Sara has worked with Scotiabank, GoDaddy, Chamber of Commerce, multiple Small Business Centres, Provision University and Conference. She has been seen on RogersTV and Internationally: Fixing The Money Thing. Sara has also shared her expertise in The New Vintage Family, Business London Magazine and Mompreneurs® magazine. Sara has shared her expertise with many women’s groups, conferences, podcasts and online meetups.

Sara is also the Chief Operating Officer of Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc. (aka Mompreneurs®) and its properties, including non-profit division Mompreneurs® Momentum Enterprise of Canada, quarterly print publication Mompreneur® Magazine, Canada-wide Awards platform The Annual Mompreneur® Awards, and annual conference for women entrepreneurs, The National Mompreneurs® Conference, Sara works along side Founder & CEO Maria Locker and the team to foster community, promotion, and education to their collective of over 18,000 members and subscribers across Canada and the U.S., a rich and diverse collective of female entrepreneurs who are just as dedicated to their businesses as they are to their families, and vice versa.

Sara loves to empower all women from the stage to create a life they love. She believes that everyone has an opportunity to be more, do more and have more to give more to those around us. Through her personal mantra ‘Live Beyond Satisfied’, Sara believes that we are all a ripple effect in this world, and we choose what those ripples reflect onto others.

Remember, Life is Amazing…and so are YOU!


Sara L. Clarke